Course Donation

It has cost nearly £50,000 to produce The Gift. We have managed to raise half of this amount from charitable donations the other half we would normally raise through selling this course at a higher price to parishes and schools.


However, for this course we felt called to sell it at a subsidised rate to ensure as many people as possible can run it.


So we are asking that the leaders would be kind enough to take up an offering from those that have attended on the final session. We have produced a short film below that can be shown to explain what the offering is for.

We suggest that on the penultimate session the offering is mentioned and then before the begining of the final session this funding clip is shown and then the offering is taken up. We are hoping each course would be able to make a donation of £50 + and this could be donated using the link below with gift aid facility or a cheque can be sent to The Gift, PO Box 333, St Albans, Herts, Al2 1EL. If necessary, ring us on the telephone number below.


Cheques need to be made out to CREW Trust.


Thank you so much.