Top Tips for Leaders

Top Tips for Leaders

We hope that all the information you will need to run this course and lead small groups is covered in the downloadable PDFs.


If you have never led a group before then don't worry just follow the Top Tips, and if you have, then we recommend you use this information to remind yourself of the do's and don'ts. The small group questions are included with this.


Also under this section you will find Prayer Ministry Guidelines to help you handle this special time of the course.


Ideally you will need to organise two training sessions for your leaders  although you might be able to squeeze this into one depending on the experience of leaders – but don’t leave out the need to pray!




Training Session 1.

Having watched the Leaders film as a team you will need to go through the Top Tips for Leaders information covering all the different areas to ensure everyone is confident and clear about what is needed to run The Gift.






Training Session 2.

This session you will need to cover the Prayer Ministry Guidelines to be prepared for the prayer time recommended following the ‘Encountering God's Spirit’ session *Please note there are two parts to this course session one to be shown before the prayer time and one after.